Greg  Chambers

Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers is the founder of the sales-and-marketing consultancy, Chambers Pivot Industries LLC. He helps firms create sales-and-marketing practices they can get excited about and are a perfect fit for their cultures.

Mr. Chambers began his consultancy in 2012, and has worked with clients in nine industries, including accounting, finance, and engineering. He coaches clients on how to build revenue through practices like online-and-offline lead generation, new market penetration, database marketing, and referral training.

Before opening his firm, Mr. Chambers was a serial entrepreneur including leading the cult apparel company, Mad Gringo. His latest book, “The Human Being’s Guide to Business Growth: A simple 3 step process for unleashing the power of your people for growth” teaches readers the easiest way to grow their business based on lessons from his ventures. 

He challenges audiences with his fast paced, information packed workshops while entertaining them with stories from his life.