Cristina  Filippo

Cristina Filippo


Cristina is well-seasoned in the process of organizational and leadership development.  Her skills have grown over the past two decades through referrals by clients who are CEOs and executives alike.  She is a candid, creative influencer who helps leaders who want to continue to grow themselves and their teams and are bold enough to seek help to do so.

Successful leaders call upon Cristina to help them solidify what they do well and to rapidly grow their own capability and the ability of those around them. Clients include small, medium and large organizations and those in the Fortune 500 companies including, Dell, Novartis, Zappos, Global Payment Systems, Ernst and Young, and Kaiser Permanente. She has worked with over 150 executives in more than 75 companies, including finance, legal, tribal, manufacturing, healthcare, academia, retail, entertainment and hospitality industries.

Before launching her own successful consultancies, Cristina worked with leadership teams within a large healthcare organization. She quickly realized, as did her clients, that the science of behavior and the success of businesses enterprises were inseparable. Since then, her life’s work has been to help grow great leaders who then grow great companies.

Outcomes that clients have experienced while working with Cristina include increased productivity and engagement, decreased turnover and increased promotions, depth in bench strength, higher emotional intelligence and becoming effective in executing strategic initiatives crucial to business success.

The many hats Cristina wears include business owner, board member, faculty, writer, speaker, consultant, and coach. Her experience is intentionally diverse which enables her to create a uniquely valuable relationship with clients. Cristina has been interviewed for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Medium, and The Huffington Post.

Cristina is a foodie, a travel buff, a college football fanatic and chooses to spend as much time as possible with those she loves.